Friday, May 10, 2013

Winona Ryder Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

Winona Ryder's big break was the 1985 film, Lucas. After that, she starred in a slew of films and was the brightest starlet of the early 90s.

Later, an addiction to narcotic pills and some shoplifting charges derailed her career. Then came the awful plastic surgery! Oi vey!

Here's Winona before and after - she has a higher brow, a new nose, and new teeth

Actress Winona Ryder is rumored to have had plastic surgery. The rumors go from rhinoplasty to breast augmentation.

About a nose surgery, we think that it depends on which pictures you are watching... In some of them it looks like her nose is thinner and more defined at the tip than before, but to compare it is important to have a similar face expression in the pictures.  Here we can't say for sure that she got the nose job because in more recent pictures, more when she is smiling, her nose looks wider at the tip than in other pictures when she looks more serious.

There are lots of ways to improve or change the shape of your breast.

One of the "trade marks" of breast implants is that the breast looks more rounded and firm in upper part, but this can also be achieved with the use of some special or wonder bras, that's why in Winona's case, comparing these pictures from different moments of her career, we can't say for sure that she got a breast augmentation.

If she did although, we think she choose a great size for her body because her breast looks very natural.

Check out these pictures of Winona Ryder before and after plastic surgery. Do you think Winona Ryder had good or bad cosmetic surgery?

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